Urban Exploring #1 – Abandoned Airport

Hey, TheLPerSteve here with a new blogpost!

Today i was exploring an abandoned Airport, that has been left behind since approx. 50 years, but its still in “nice” shape. Well, most buildings collapsed or are near to collapse, but there are also some who are still in a very good condition.

If you want to read about the history of this place, you should check this out.

Now im going to show you the photos i took.

First, the entrace looks like this:


You can already see here that the buildings are really old, and has been vandalised several times.

I walked ~20 meters into the forest, then i came across this:


You couldnt exactly make out what this was supposed to be, but i suppose it was used as a storage room. The sign on the tree there says that entrace is forbidden due the danger of collapse but i entered anyway. I didnt took a photo though, as it was just a empty room with some trash in it.

On the other side of this road, i found something very interesting.


This is most likely an shelter. You could look into the windows, and see that theres a long way down (there was a staircase but my camera was too bad to take a picture of it), i would say it goes down 10m. Sadly, the entraces were bricked up, i really wanted to take a look inside.

The next building i discovered is absolutely awesome.


If you follow a small path into the forest then you will come to this huge place with this big building. The view was amazing.

So this building was supposed to be a hall / hangar for the planes. The big place in front of that building is the runway where the planes started and landed.

Sure i gone inside this building. I needed to wait a few minutes as there were some people who doenst looked like they wanted me to go in there, but after they were gone, i entered.

Here are the pictures:




That was the highlight of this exploration. There were some small buildings nearby that i entered. Some pictures below.




Now, the most ridiculous part of my exploration comes.

I found drugs in there. It seems like some drug-addicted kids left them there, maybe that someone can get it. It was most likely weed as this looks like a joint:


I just left them there as i am not taking any drugs. But its kinda ridiculous that these kids use these places to smoke their shit there.

A few more pictures:





So, that was my exploration today.

I hope you liked this post! I will do another exploration next month! I will blogpost that too! So if you enjoyed this, please follow this blog so that you dont miss my next post!

Cya next time!



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